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Located in the centre of Sarajevo, we provide dental and laboratory services of highest quality. We offer a wide range of services in aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry with the modern equipment and materials. Our team of experts will ensure that your visit is a positive experience. You will be greeted by our experienced and pleasant staff that provide highest standard services for your needs and care about your beautiful smile and healthy teeth. The decision to choose the right dentist is only yours, while we are here to ensure you made the right choice .

Privatni zubotehnicki laboratorij Lalicic Sarajevo



Fixed Prosthetics

  • Zirconium oxide ceramics
    - Offers the ability to create bridges and single crowns. It is a very lightweight material with excellent aesthetic and functional characteristics. There are currently very popular in the world. They achieve the maximum aesthetics, closest to natural teeth.
  • Metal ceramics
    - Contemporary ceramics of high quality and aesthetic values. The metal base is coated with a fully ceramic, which meets all aesthetic requirements.


Our dental clinic is fully covered with computer network and each workstation has its own computer unit. This kind of work provides quick access to data required for quality work. Patient records, RVG images, intraoral video/photo shots and Panoramic (OPG) X-ray images are some of the information that we have access to. Networking system allows us quick consulting with our colleagues specialists. All data is fully protected and this ensures clients’ privacy.

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OPG – (Ortopantomograph –panoramic X-ray image)

is a digital recording of the upper and lower jaw, total dental status and bone structures. Allows us to set up a fast accurate diagnosis, at the same time make quality work practice with improved communication with patients and colleagues. In just a few seconds provides extremely clean and high quality optimally exposed picture. Dentist can simply and easily analyze with other additional tools for processing radiological images.


How important is the maintenance of teeth?

We recommend patients to have dental check up every 3 – 4 months for the regular cleaning of tartar and polish to ensure healthy teeth.  Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day, regularly flossing and brushing the tongue, as well.

Which are the warning signs for periodontal disease?

Signs could be sensitive and swollen gums, bleeding while brushing the teeth, gums that are away from the teeth, deformations and separation of teeth, pus between teeth and gums, constant bad breath, changes in the bite and other changes in of the teeth.

Payment Options

Possibility of payment by credit cards


Possibility of payment SHOPPING CARD /RAIFFEISEN BANK/
on 12 annuities

For members of Vanbreda Insurance we offer 10 % discount